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Greenville Rising Jan. 14

It’s cold. It’s January. It’s apparently time for warm soup and COVID isolation and the old armchair criticism. You know the kind. Volunteers from around Plumas County attempting the impossible to get our rebuild off the ground and people who are not volunteering taking every opportunity to criticize people who are moving forward online. There’s a decades long adage about social media and online journalism—never read the comment section, but many of us read the comments anyway and are nearly always disappointed in humanity.

There are, for example, no shortage of things one could criticize Plumas Unified School District for, but allowing for the utilization of district property in the aftermath of a fire that took nearly every building in downtown Greenville except the schools shouldn’t be one of them.

Getting involved in the rebuild (for those who don’t volunteer) gives you an invested interest in the rebuild. One can hardly complain about new visions and new ideas if one isn’t presenting their own or working on them in a constructive manner. Just saying.

But there are always items that should receive scrutiny. Case in point, the local California Highway Patrol tagged 45 cars for removal in Greenville months ago after the fire, but not one car has been moved yet. These are cars that are burned out and sitting on county roads. The tags gave people five days to remove them months ago but they are all still there. Supervisor Kevin Goss acknowledged the situation and said he’s been pushing for removal to happen. When will this happen is everyone’s big question?

Here’s what we know going down this week in Indian Valley. Thank you to the people emailing with information to disseminate to the community. Keep it coming: [email protected].

Resource Center        

The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center will be opening in its new location at Greenville Elementary School on January 22 and NOT the January 18 as previously written. The move and all moves of entities into PUSD properties are of course temporary (in that eventually they will be used for education again). Rooms 4 and 5 will be used for this purpose. The center is now under the management of Plumas Rural Services.

Greenville Rancheria

On Wednesday, January 19, Sierra Nevada Connections foster agency (formerly known as Mountain Circle) handed  over the keys to their Greenville property to the Greenville Rancheria.  This is a lease agreement for at least a year until some final settlements and price negotiations can be reached to clear the property of any encumbrances.  The key exchange was handled by executive officer Joy Amaro.

“Getting the Rancheria “settled” into office and counseling space I feel is a big step to rebuilding Greenville as a community,” said SNC board member Bill Powers.

Phones and Internet

The California Telephone Access Program provides free specialized phones for people having difficulty hearing, seeing, moving, speaking and remembering.  While they do not provide free cell phones, they do have many Bluetooth options for people that already have cell phones. Anyone who was in this program and who lost phone items in the Dixie Fire is eligible for free replacement.

If those who are eligible don’t have equipment and would like some, the application can be downloaded from the website www.CaliforniaPhones.org.

It does require a doctor or other certifying agent’s signature. Representative for the program Michelle Radcliffe-Garcia is available to do virtual presentations, distribution events, provided Covid guidelines are followed.

Dixie Fire Collaborative Meeting

   The next Dixie Fire Collaborative meeting will be held in the Greenville Elementary School cafeteria on Saturday, January 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. People interested in joining the meeting via Zoom will be sent an email with the link (if Sue Weber already has your email address). If you are interested in being on the DFC email blast readers can email Sue Weber at [email protected] and she will add the emails to her list.

Housing Workshop

DFC is organizing a housing workshop for all community members who lost their homes in the Dixie Fire to take place on Saturday, Feb. 5. Place and time have yet to be determined. Emailing Weber to get on the DFC email will also make sure readers are aware of when and where the workshop will take place.

There are many exciting developments that are on the horizon that haven’t quite been confirmed for publication at this time. There will be some news to report out regarding FEMA counts soon. Stay tuned for more information in next week’s column.

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