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Greenville Rising: Jan 19

   As I write this, Greenville Elementary School has gone to remote learning for the week due to COVID outbreaks, and roadwork has resumed, and last night had what’s called a Wolf Moon. That’s Indian Valley: Beautiful and bleak simultaneously. Here’s what we know is happening at the moment. Many of us are hoping there’s more to celebrate soon.


   The [Re] Build Greenville Gathering Meeting takes place this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the GES cafeteria in downtown Greenville. Arguably always the best meeting to see friends, neighbors, and get updated information on what’s happening and what you can volunteer to do to help the community.

Wildflower Seeding

  Wolf Creek 4-H of Greenville is sponsoring another California native wildflower seeds sale. Conveniently happening from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the GES cafeteria near the same time as the gathering meeting.

   Individuals, families, friends, neighbors can sign up to seed various areas of Greenville and Indian Valley. Collaboration can take place during the Rebuild Greenville meeting.

   “Now is our chance to scatter seed before we get our next snow. This allows perennials to undergo stratification and for us to get seed down before all the birds return,” said a 4-H representative.

   CA Native Wildflower seeds mixed with sand for scattering will be available at $5 per bag for coverage of 1,000 square feet. Every purchase donates another bag for folks who are willing to do scattering throughout the community.

   If you need some for your own property or want to help color up Greenville this project is for you. Wolf Creek 4-H thanks Floral Native Nursery in Chico who has provided these seeds to the community at cost.

Resource Center

  Don’t hold your breath for the re-opening of the resource center at GES Rooms 4 and 5 on Jan. 22 as planned. A spokesperson for Plumas Rural Services which taken over the management of the Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center, states that the move is on hold and that they are ‘weighing some options, and we are at a place in time where we need to make a decision.”

   Meanwhile, at the original Crescent Mills site, the resource center has at-home COVID tests available to the public this week.

   “Anyone experiencing cold or flu symptoms and seeking a test is requested to call staff from the parking lot of the Resource Center. Staff will deliver the test to the car to limit possible public exposure to the virus,” said Sarah Richards of PRS.

   The resource center is also downsizing its food bank and requesting that donors purchase Evergreen gift certificates for fire survivors still needing basic food support. This is part of an effort to support Evergreen as the only local market. (Evergreen Market does has signs up indicating to mask up per COVID protocol while inside, but on a recent visit this week, neither customers nor employees were masked inside the store).

   The resource center also has new and used winter coats and hats available.


  Yesterday we published an article on contaminated soil samples in downtown Greenville that may push out the return of property to owners. See article.

   Post Office

   PO Box holders and residents of both Crescent Mills and Greenville would still like to not have to drive over an hour round trip for their mail. Some ‘outside the box’ thinking might solve this? Can we possibly get temporary boxes set up within the community at a site? Or Taylorsville?

   Rotary Calling You

  The Indian Valley Rotary is wrapping up its calls to folks about where they are housed (or not) and what their plans are. If you did not receive a call, there are good odds that the Rotary does not have an accurate phone number or way to reach you. If you are reading this and fall into this category of having changed phones or other contact information etc post Dixie Fire, please let me know at [email protected] and I will forward the information. The Rotary and the Dixie Fire Collaborative want every household counted and to have everyone’s housing needs met.

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