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Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Greenville Lives. Thank you. Photo submitted

Greenville Rising: March 23

By Meg Upton

[email protected]


At the beginning of last week I was tasked with attempting to update our Visitor’s Guide. So I read through the Indian Valley section of past annual issues to try and get an idea of what events might still happen and which ones it will be a long recovery before we see them again. So many events I had to circle in a red pen with the words ‘no’ beside them.

At the end of the week, I spent Friday in Taylorsville to see California Department of Education team members who were making a follow-up visit six months from the initial visit by the state superintendent back in September. Back in September, the state superintendent Tony Thurmond promised both PUSD and PCS help in getting through the school year in new temporary locations. The CDE, it would seem, came through on their promises to both elementary schools.

It is my hope in writing these columns that together with the Facebook page [Re] Building Greenville, we can serve as a communication tool and go between for all those interested in rebuilding efforts, celebrating our achievements, and helping those who need help. As always, if you have an item you would like listed in the weekly column or if you are trying to get a hold of someone to collaborate with on events, rebuilding, and celebrating, please email [email protected]


Blood Drive Today

From noon until 5:15 p.m. at the Greenville Elementary School Cafeteria is hosting a Greenville Community Blood Drive. Coordinator Sherilyn Schwartz says “With plenty of appointment times, the wait will be short. Just be sure to bring a photo ID, eat a hardy breakfast and drink plenty of water.  Patients with cancer, chronic diseases, and from traumatic accidents will thank you.  And don’t forget the home baked cookies and snacks after you donate.  Please come join us to show Greenville is Rising and giving back along the way!”

Those worried about road work should note that stops are much shorter these days.


Easter Egg Hunt

 Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce is determined to make the annual Easter Egg Hunt happen on the grounds of  Greenville Elementary School, but they need volunteers to get this idea off the ground. The date they’ve set aside for this is April 16. The big question of course is how many kids are going to be around for it? Time will tell.

4-H will also have their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Taylorsville Campground as usual.


Sewing Group Sale

Bonnie Kessloff, secretary for the Taylorsville Community United Methodist Church, says the sewing group is planning to hold a Spring Fling Sale in May either on their our own or as a participant in the Annual Community-Wide Yard Sale, (will that be happening?) They have beautiful handmade quilts and other crafts to sell and will be selling tickets for a handmade queen-size quilt to be raffled off at this event. Stay tuned for more information.


Game Night

Game Night is happening again, Friday, March 25, for students grades sixth through 12th at Greenville High School gym. Snacks and drinks are provided by Sierra Institute. Doors open at 6 p.m.


Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center

 The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center (RGRC) has soft-opened at its new location – 15771 CA Highway 89, Unit B, Crescent Mills (half of the old Crescent Country). Case management services are available onsite. Donated home goods are available by appointment with a disaster case manager only. For case management support, contact Nancy Presser at (530) 283-2735 x832 or Irshad Stolden at (530) 283-2735 x831.

The RGRC grand opening will be held Saturday, April 2. At that time, pet food and pantry items will be available.

For all other unmet needs, donations, and questions about RGRC, contact Coordinator Lara Wheeler via text (preferred method of communication) at (530) 778-4309, phone at (530) 283-2735, x833, or fax at (530) 778-4309.


Community Supper

Community Suppers have started back up again and will be held at the Historic Taylorsville Hall the third Monday. The Indian Valley Riding and Roping club hosted this first one last Monday. Dinners are from 4 p.m to 6 p.m.  Marsha Roby and Debbie Allen are coordinating with organizations that would like to participate.



In case you missed it, both Greenville Elementary School and Greenville High School were voted to resume in Greenville for the 2022-2023 school year. Last week, California Department of Education staff along with CalOES staff visited the schools in Taylorsville and came through on some promises (playground for the Taylorsville Elementary School site and a new building for Plumas Charter. There’s a separate article on this.

We will be reporting information on April and May events as soon as we have definitive information. Stay tuned for more soon as dates get closer. All entities left in Indian Valley could really use the support of volunteers to make things happen. Consider volunteering.




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