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The Greenville Indians team is comprised of students from GHS, IVA, and Plumas Charter, Quincy in order to give all three small schools an opportunity to play. Photo by Bill Roderick

Greenville Rising Sept 7: The Return of Friday Night Lights

   Last week I took off of writing the column. I didn’t go anywhere physically; it wasn’t a vacation. I was still in Plumas County just overwhelmed at it being the fall semester at the very same time as this Mad Max heat and wind apocalypse started making me feel like we live in the desert and not the mountains.

   Semesters. I forever think in semesters as I taught community college for too many years not to and this is the first fall that I have two kids in college instead of two kids in K-12. This fall, I’m teaching a poetry publishing class on zoom and a made-for-teens theatre class in person for dramaworks at the West End Theatre in Quincy. That all just started too. And if anyone out there wants to join either one we still have a little room in each.

   For Indian Valley the start of the semester also brings the start of a partnership which many of us in the valley hopes lasts for a long time. I think I speak for nearly everyone in Indian Valley when I say that the Friday Night Lights above the Greenville High School football field were a warm and welcoming familiar that everyone—high school football fans and non-sports people alike can get behind. Years back when the Indian Valley Academy and GHS were on the GHS campus this was a winning solution for all involved and most of us are happy to see it happening once again.

   For the year, for now, Plumas Unified School District and Plumas Charter School’s agreement means there’s a football team once more playing on the field—there finally being enough players for a team by combining students who want to play from both school systems. The team is comprised of players from GHS, IVA, and Plumas Charter School in Quincy. Greenville’s own Harvey Merino is the head coach.

   Here’s a little bit from Bob McGill of Quincy who is an aide to the coach.

   “On Friday, August 26, the Greenville High School/PCS IVA/PCS Quincy football team traveled to Dorris, to play the Butte Valley High School Bulldogs. Players, parents and coaches carpooled four hours to this game and walked away with a 26 to 20 victory. The running game shined for the offense amassing 161 yards on the ground. On defense, the linemen were able to hold the opposing offense at bay in all aspects, tackling them nine times for loss of yardage, recovering three forced fumbles, and stealing one interception.”

   The Greenville Indians played last Friday, September 2, in Greenville for their first home game, against the Elk Creek Elks.

   “Friday’s game, Greenville also won, making our record currently 2-0. Final score was 62-7. Twenty-four hours before the game we were informed they didn’t have enough kids to play regular football so we had to switch to 6-man football rules which completely changes the game. Scoring is different, play that you can call have more rules to them. But even with limited practice time, the boys came together to beat Elk Creek,” said McGill.

   Driving to Greenville on Friday night brought a smile to my face to see Crescent Highway lined with cars around Greenville High School and the parking lot at Evergreen Market.

   “People came from all over the county to watch them play. The team was so excited and it brought tears to my eyes to see the support,” said McGill.

   Cooperation helps everyone and it is wonderful to see it happening between the school systems so that all male students have the opportunity to play football.

   There are many things to report out and need equal attention at the moment. There will be more articles than just the column this week. Stay tuned. If you have something to report, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] or text a tip to (714) 746-4093.

Greenville Branch Library

   The Greenville Branch Library hours are changing on Thursday, September 8. The new hours are: Tuesdays through Thursdays 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.; Saturdays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. owing to school being back in session on the Greenville campus. More information can be found at

Country Picnic Sunday


This Sunday, September 11 at the Greenville Park from 3 p.m. until dark. Free main dishes with the option to bring a potluck salad or dessert. Music by Bayou Pom Pom for entertainment; there will also be family activities. Sponsored by the Dixie Fire Collaborative and the “Sacred Waters of Greenville” project. For more information contact Dan Kearns at (949) 395-3694.

Dixie Fire Collaborative: Phase 1A


  Save the date for next weekend (September 16 and 17) as DFC begins a community workshop in visioning and planning. On September 16 there will be tours in the morning with the California College of the Arts Archutechture Division that will work with the community on systems mapping and history of place. Check out the www.dixiefirecollaborative.org website for descriptions of workshops. In the afternoon there will be industry specific small group workshops.

   Then on September 17 from 11 a.m. to noon will be an all community meeting in the GES Cafeteria followed by a noon to 5 p.m. ‘All Community Visioning Workshop’ with a working lunch provided. At 5 p.m. a community social at the Spot will take place with area vendors serving up their renditions of Hawaiian delicacies (the community pool Luau fundraiser).



Save the date for September 17. More on this in a separate article at the Spot in downtown Greenville.

Greenville Fire Cats


Kimberly Price of Greenville needs volunteers to help her in the Greenville Fire Cats project. You can adopt a cat or kitten, help keep them watered and fed, buy supplies off the Amazon wish list (https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3V7NM8M3RN901?ref_=wl_share), help to get them vaccinated and spayed or neutered. For more information get a hold of her through her facebook page Greenville Fire Cats.





Friday night football games return to Greenville High School. Photo by Bill Roderick
Greenville Indians get ready to take the field in the shadow of the burn scar of the Dixie Fire. Photo by Bill Roderick

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