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Hagwood wins; runoffs probable in other Plumas races

The March 3 Primary preliminary results are in and Plumas County has selected one new supervisor, while two other races are too close to call since a candidate must receive 50 percent plus one to win outright and avoid a runoff. The Plumas County Election’s Office posted the results just after the polls closed Tuesday.

Former Sheriff Greg Hagwood is projected to win the District 4 Supervisor race over Melissa Bishop. The preliminary results are 1,078 votes for Hagwood for 79.56 percent of the vote, to Bishop’s 277 votes and 20.44 percent of the vote.

Ballots postmarked by March 3 have until March 6 to arrive in the Plumas County Election’s Office and will be counted next week. Ballots deposited after 4 p.m. in the box in front of the courthouse will also be counted then.

That’s why in Districts 1 and 2, the races are too close to call. A candidate needs 50 percent plus 1 vote to be declared the winner and avoid a runoff in November. Since both of those districts have four candidates running — it’s difficult to amass the 50 percent plus one. District 1 appears to be headed to a runoff between Dwight Ceresola and Bill Powers, while in District 2 it would appear to be incumbent Kevin Goss and Mike Grant.

District 1:
Dwight Ceresola – 481 votes, 44.74 percent
Jason Christian – 117 votes, 10.88 percent
John Pato – 220 votes, 20.47 percent
Bill Powers – 257 votes, 23.91 percent

District 2:
Greg Cameron – 197 votes, 12.64 percent
Kevin Goss – 685 votes, 43.94 percent
Mike Grant – 415 votes, 26.62 percent
Phil Shannon – 262 votes, 16.81 percent

For more information about how the county voted, go to plumascounty.us and click election night summary report
For more information about how the state voted, go to: vote.sos.ca.gov

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