Lake Almanor resident Avonna Burkman and her husband love to adorn their house every year with an assortment of Halloween decorations. Photo by Stacy Fisher

Halloween decorations spook the locals

Lake Almanor resident and business owner Avonna Burkman of Avonna’s Critter Clippers on Hwy. 147 said she loves to decorate her house/business in accordance to whatever holiday celebration happens to be on the calendar.

It’s a family tradition that goes back many years, said Burkman, who confesses that she and her husband Steve are always adding new decorations from online purchases and from stores that in this case sell Halloween-themed products, which they’ve been doing every year since 1988.

“It’s fun watching people drive by or stopping to take a look or to take a picture,” she confided, adding that her hubby likes to make the tombstones with humorous epitaphs.

This year’s Halloween enhancements feature a scary assortment of decorations straight from the depths of the netherworld that are sure to haunt your dreams — at least until a new assemblage of decorations are put up for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas.