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Hate speech versus free speech

Contest winner Sylvia Wood from QHS reads her essay aloud at the board of supervisors meeting Feb. 6.

Several students from Plumas County High schools received recognition and prize money for their thoughtful essays on the topic of hate speech versus free speech. The annual essay contest, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, challenges students to tackle relevant and controversial topics in an essay. The contest winner received $250 and the runners-up received $75. From left: president of the League of Women Voters and District 4 Supervisor Lori Simpson, contest winner Sylvia Wood from Quincy High, runner up Chloe Monday from Chester High, runner-up Julianna Yolton from Indian Valley Academy and runner-up Rosalie Houser from Chester High. Photos by Carolyn Shipp

3 thoughts on “Hate speech versus free speech

  • There’s no need to use profanity in this situation. I imagine the students who participated in this contest have to be in disbelief at some of the comments they’ve read. While we are afforded incredible rights in the first amendment, we also have responsibilities to it. Too much hate and anger around here. These students picked up on it and you’re actions prove it.

    • We couldn’t agree more and removed the post.

  • It’s a false dichotomy. Next question.

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