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Healing as a community — through meditation 

By Andrea Singer

Staff Writer 


Dan Kearns is leading a new meditation group twice monthly for Indian Valley residents. Photo by Andrea Singer

From average Joe to small town hero, Daniel Kearns became a household name during the Dixie Fire. With our community dispersed and information not only hard to find but difficult to trust, his daily social media updates kept us connected in real time, giving many citizens a sigh of relief knowing one of our own was looking out for us. Since the fire, Dan has been a staple in our community, and is now shifting gears to help Indian Valley in a new way. 

Navigating grief under any circumstance can be difficult, then combine it with the stress of Covid, the loss of our community, and personal difficulties, the weight can become almost unbearable. Recognizing the anguish in the community, that he himself was feeling, Dan came up with the idea to lead a meditation/grief support group here in Greenville, and the outcome was nothing short of inspirational.

A hodgepodge group of citizens gathered in the Greenville branch of Plumas Bank on the evening of Jan. 24. The difference between individuals was obvious, but the instant camaraderie outshined all else. Most can agree that we have a passionate and opinionated community, that share a deep love for the land and feel devastated about what has happened. But that can also make it difficult to communicate efficiently with each other. Understanding beforehand that this was not a place for debate was fundamental.

As we passed the “talking stick” around it became apparent that despite the different social statuses, ages, and genders , many of us were feeling very similar emotions. All of us were on different parts of our healing journey, giving us a chance to share tools and techniques that may help the person next to them. Also realizing that although many of us differ in what we want the future of Greenville to look like, when it comes down to the bones, we all want what is best for our community, and healthy communication is key. It personally felt like such a relief to be heard. To speak without an agenda or pushing my personal beliefs. Leaving that room I understood that the traumatic experience of the Dixie Fire would forever be with me, but with the compassion and understanding from my neighbors, it would be something I could overcome. That night I felt that I had gained not only friends but family.

Please join us for the next meditation circle, every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. 

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