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Health official: If you’ve been out of Plumas County — stay home for 14 days

For anyone who has been out of the country, the state, or even the county, Plumas County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Satterfield says those individuals should stay at home. “We recommend self isolation for 14 days,” Satterfield said.

As one of the few California counties without a confirmed case, Satterfield, other health officials and county leaders, don’t want someone coming into the county with COVID-19 exposure, to spread it unknowingly. “We need them to stay home and away from others,” he said.

Satterfield reiterated that means anyone re-entering the county who has been in another country or in another state, or even in another California county. “There are a lot of high risk areas such as the Bay Area nearby,” he said.

As for those returning from a foreign country, even those who might have been quarantined in that country, the plane travel leaves them open to exposure again, Satterfield said, thus the need for another round of isolation.

In Trinity County the recommendation for self isolation has become an order, including those who have a second home there, and Plumas County officials are discussing a similar measure.

“People need to stay isolated,” said Plumas Board of Supervisors Chairman Kevin Goss. He has talked with the sheriff as well as county counsel about how to proceed.

Officials have also discussed the future of events planned in the coming months such as music festivals. “Should we cancel them now or wait until we are within 30 days,” Goss said of their talks. More information will be shared as it becomes available.


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