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Higher flows on Belden Reach of North Fork Feather River – use caution

 PG&E announced that flows along the Belden Reach of the North Fork Feather River are higher for the next six to eight weeks while the utility conducts work at the Belden Powerhouse.

 During this time, water will not travel through tunnels and a penstock from Belden Reservoir to the powerhouse, but instead flow in the river between Belden Dam and the confluence of the North Fork and East Branch of the Feather River at Highway 70 and Caribou Road.

 The Belden Reach generally follows Caribou Road, a US Forest Service road that is closed from Highway 70 to Caribou due to landslides in the river which is causing water to flow onto a portion of Caribou Road near Twin Bridges.

 Flows in the Belden Reach will be about 450 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Typical flows for this time of year are about 150 cfs.



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