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Highway 70 to reopen three times a day to through traffic in the Feather River Canyon

Caltrans announced that beginning tomorrow, May 4, Highway 70 will be reopened to through traffic three times a day.
Eastbound and westbound traffic will be escorted through the closure (from Jarbo Gap to the Greenville Wye) at 6:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. Motorists must be in line at the time of these openings in order to travel through the closure, but are asked to not get in line any earlier than 15 minutes prior to the opening time to ensure the roadway is not blocked for emergencies or contractor access.
This schedule is subject to change at any time due to weather, future slide activity, or operations and we will do our best to provide that information as it becomes available.
Please note that local traffic access is available outside of these opening times from either side of the closure but not to cross the slide area at post mile 15.2, just east of Belden. Caltrans and Hat Creek Construction & Materials, Inc. would like to thank the traveling public for their patience and are continuing to work towards increasing access in the affected areas when possible.

4 thoughts on “Highway 70 to reopen three times a day to through traffic in the Feather River Canyon

  • This is a long section of highway. It would be helpful if the writer provided specific locations for queuing-up on both the east and west side of the closure on highway 70, that included the milepost and location. This vital all-weather transportation artery into Plumas County has been closed for 6-months, hence some information regarding the work completed and proposed work would be valuable to the community that must engage in extended travel times and expense traveling from Plumas County to the valley and beyond.

  • Agreed, it is important that folks know if the escort begins at Jarbo Gap on that end or the Wye on the east end, or if the line will start on either side by Belden, There is a lot of roadway in between. And how long will this window be?

  • Is there still work ongoing in the Rock Creek Dam area and 2 miles west of Rush Creek as well ?

  • So, exactly where do need to be at 6:30 am to be escorted through?

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