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Highway 89 open through Crescent Mills to Stampfli Lane, additional zones downgraded to evacuation warnings

Effective at noon today, Aug. 10, the Highway 89 corridor reopened from the Highway 70/89 juncture, through Crescent Mills ending at Stampfli Lane.

Additionally, Zone 14 Greenville/Crescent Mills will be downgraded to an evacuation warning only through Crescent Mills, ending at Stampfli Lane.

Zone 15 A Taylorsville will be downgraded to an evacuation warning to North Valley Road on the east and Stampfli Lane on the north.

Finally, Zone 28 Genesee will be also downgraded to an evacuation warning, east of Taylorsville along Genesee Road corridor continuing east along Genesee Indian Creek and ending at 27N09.

Forestland will remain in an evacuation order.

These areas remain under an evacuation warning, residents are cautioned to enter at their own risk and be prepared to leave if needed. When returning to burned areas, it is important to follow protocols for re-entry provided by Plumas County Environmental Health. Officials recommend residents use personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, in burn areas and not disrupt the footprint of the burn scar area on one’s property. Only those with residence in the area should enter at this time.

For more information visit www.plumascounty.us and follow the county Facebook.


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