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Human remains found near Quincy

4:45 p.m., Friday, Aug. 11: Sheriff Greg Hagwood said that detectives from his office, along with a forensic team from the California Department of Justice, further investigated the scene, and have confirmed that the deceased is a male, but it will take time to positively confirm his identity. No criminal activity is suspected regarding this incident.

9:30 a.m., Friday, Aug. 11: Sheriff Greg Hagwood confirmed that the identification found near the body yesterday afternoon was that of a male Quincy resident. Hagwood said it could take weeks to positively identify the body, using DNA that was collected from the residence listed on the identification. A deputy watched over the site where the body was discovered throughout the night to preserve the scene from further degradation by animals. The Department of Justice is expected to arrive this morning to help process the scene. “It’ll take the day to plot, photograph and collect evidence,” Hagwood said. He said an initial examination should be able to reveal if the body suffered any fractures, knife wounds or bullet holes. “They will be looking for skeletal defects,” he said. There are a number of working hypotheses of what could have happened to the victim, and more will be known following the initial investigation.

A Quincy resident discovered the remains of a person this afternoon while walking on his property, and immediately called the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Greg Hagwood said the body, which was located on private property between downtown Quincy and Plumas District Hospital off of Bucks Lake Road, appears to be that of a person who has been dead for several weeks. Identification found near the body included a Quincy address. Hagwood said that there are no missing person reports associated with the name on the identification, but databases are being searched for more information. The identification, may or may not belong to the deceased. The Department of Justice has been called in to help process the scene, which is being handled as a homicide, which the Sheriff described as standard operating procedure at this point in an investigation. A deputy will be standing by overnight until the Department of Justice arrives.

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  • So scary! Rip

  • My wonder is why they are not realising the name on the id card? Maybe somebody knows that person or can give info on it. Just a thought. But still scary

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