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The Indian Valley Community Center is currently in dire financial condition and is seeking donations to remain open. Photo submitted

Indian Valley Community Center needs community help

By Meg Upton

Special to Plumas News

The email came in on July 1, at the beginning of the new fiscal year, indicating that without some community help, the Indian Valley Community Center is in danger of closing—and needs to raise $3,000 immediately to cover the cost of insurance.

Matt Cerney, director of the Community Center and the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District (IVRPD), laid it on the line.

“Due to a years-long, downward-trending, diminishment of community interest and lack of volunteers, along with a now 3-month-long Covid-19-mandated closure of the center, I must inform the Indian Valley Community that OUR Center is in a dire financial state and may have to close this year if the Indian Valley Community does not (sic) begin to support it.”

Cerney had previously warned community residents a year ago that this could be the case during a public meeting.

“I warned the community that due to a years-long diminishment of a once-active public interest in the center (i.e. volunteers, IVRPD Board service, decent fundraisers), the public interest and support towards the Center has dropped to an unsustainable level,” said Cerney.

The Indian Valley Community Center first opened in 2011. In his note, Cerney reiterated that the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District and the Indian Valley Community Center do not receive any public funding and has continually relied on its two annual fundraisers (Spring Shindig, Festival of Trees) plus programs and rentals and donations.

“Our biggest annual bill is our comprehensive insurance coverage, which is approximately $3,000 and due in July. We cannot currently pay that. If IVRPD is not insured, we cannot keep the Center open,” warned Cerney.

He tempered the bad news with a more positive statement. The IVRPD run Indian Valley Community Pool in Taylorsville is operating successfully. The IVRPD Pool Committee manages the pool with its own fundraising efforts (annual Luau, shuffleboard tournament and other fundraisers).

“The IVRPD Pool Committee organization, that manages the Taylorsville pool, still has an active volunteer core and has continued to be successful in annually raising the $12,000 – $15,000 it takes to open the pool in the summer. But … if we have no insurance, the pool cannot operate either,” said Cerney.

Cerney is calling for immediate donations, (due to COVID19 lockdown, the center’s spring fundraiser Spring Shindig on May 2 had to be canceled).

Donations can be made via check to IVRPD PO Box 996 Greenville, CA 95947.

Cerney also put out a call for donated items “of decent value and condition for the upcoming yard sale.” They aren’t accepting low value items like clothes, furniture or junk.

They also need volunteers for a car wash or BBQ during the two days of the yard sale, which will take place at the end of summer or early September.

If readers are interested in becoming a volunteer or board member, they are instructed to contact the center at (530) 284-7385 or email at [email protected] or by visiting the website at www.ivrpd.org. Matt Cerney can also be contacted personally at (530) 310-3529.





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