Indian Valley Community Supper and Grange Hall meeting tonight June 19


By Andrea Singer

[email protected]

  Tonight, Monday June 19, the monthly community supper, which is held in the Historic Taylorsville Hall, will be meeting with a representative from the California Grange association in a crucial assembly that will determine the future of the beloved  “heart” of Indian Valley. Supper starts at 4:30 p.m. with the meeting promptly following suit at 5 p.m. 

  Currently in California there is a legal battle raging between small communities and the California Grange, a battle that would greatly impair the way of life for urban areas such as Taylorsville.  Small communities are caught in the middle of a $1.5 billion lawsuit where the Grange is using a judge’s ruling to claim ownership of Grange chapters all over California. Currently the Grange is in the final steps of completing the court order. In these final steps they are obligated to meet with the communities in question, and with the Taylorsville Hall being the last piece of property they need to settle with before they can close their case, Taylorsville is next on the chopping block. If the community can keep control of this situation they may be able to not only keep the building but change the tide of the case and get the other properties returned to their communities. 


  Losing control of the Historic Hall would negatively impact the Indian Valley community in drastic ways. Since the Dixie Fire, space to gather has become extremely limited and the hall has become a hub where residents of all ages can come together for an array of activities such as dance lessons, yoga, community dinners, school programs, 4-H activities, as well as special events like the annual 4th of July dance. To Indian Valley the Historic Taylorsville Hall is more than a building, it is the heart of Indian Valley. This is a very important meeting and community support would be greatly appreciated.