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John Steffanic explains what the idea of Indian Valley being showcased in an Innovation Hub would look like for Indian Valley. Photo by Meg Upton

Innovation and insurance information on Wednesday night

By Meg Upton

     A dozen Indian Valley residents braved inclement weather to hear what John Steffanic of Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds had to share about the the topic of showcasing Indian Valley as an  “Innovation Hub” at the fair this year.

     The idea was to brainstorm possible ideas to showcase things made, raised, or grown in Indian Valley. Steffanic stressed the need to have events and get more people to visit Plumas County. He used the now defunct Running with the Bears marathon qualifier event as an example of an event that brought people to the county.

     Most of those assembled could list out a few things that make Indian Valley a special place to live and what is still left here: clean air and water, lumber, dirt, pine needles. Most assembled were older and retired but all concerned about the future of business in Indian Valley.

     All ideas for the innovation hub should follow the fair’s concept of celebrating and promoting things made, grown, or raised in Indian Valley. Some ideas for market and business were Indian Valley growers participating in the farmer’s market in Chico, a freeze-dried produce facility, embracing Maidu history and products made traditionally by Maidu (baskets, etc.), wood products, cannabis, small dimensional lumber products, willow, brewing, growing hops, meat processing, agri-tourism, mineral and rock tourism, festivals, and experiences.

     None of these ideas can come to fruition without Indian Valley residents being heavily involved in the process.

     There will be another meeting about the Innovation Hub on April 30.

     On the other side of Greenville High School in the gym, 10 Indian Valley residents met with representatives from state Senator Brian Dahle and Assemblywoman Megan Dahle’s offices offices regarding the California Fair Plan—the state insurance available to California residents if no other insurance will carry a homeowner in a fire-prone area. Residents walked away from that one with a better understanding of options if they are dropped by their current insurance companies.

Representatives from Brian and Megan Dahle’s offices field questions and respond in regard to the California Fair Plan insurance option on Wednesday, April 13. Photo submitted

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