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Innovative structural panels to be installed at biomass site

Sierra Institute begins construction on California’s first full cross-laminated timber building this week.

Cross-laminated timber, referred to as CLT, is a structurally sound wood product that is seeing increased use in construction projects throughout the country. Buildings using this product include structures in Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Research and development work has found this sturdy material to be seismic and fire safe alternative to steel and concrete, and also offers an opportunity to keep carbon sequestered in a wood product,” said project manager Camille Swezy.

Swezy hopes the CLT building,  at the Courthouse Annex biomass project site, will put Quincy on the map by showcasing the potential for use of the wood product.

It can be “an example to the rest of the state, and demonstrate that the material is not limited to [use in] urban projects,” Swezy said.

One thought on “Innovative structural panels to be installed at biomass site

  • Excellent! We have three university campus projects underway using CLT. Welcome to the future! The future is good, the future is wood.

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