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Fire investigators spread out as they begin searching the charred remains of the Quintopia Brewery and mobile home #16 in the Downtown Trailer Park for the point of origin. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Investigators tour site of July 29 fire: update on cause

Armed with a camera and a notebook one of the independent fire investigators at the scene of the July 29 fire, rummages through fire debris in his search for the fire’s origin. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

By Victoria Metcalf

Special to Plumas News

Three fire investigation agencies, an insurance company attorney for the Downtown Trailer Park, the insurance agent for the other buildings destroyed in the fire, the brewery owner, the Quincy Fire chief and others gathered today Aug. 11, at the scene of the July 29 fire in Quincy that destroyed at least two mobile homes, the crisis center, the brewery and more.

Fire inspectors were available to study the locations in an attempt to determine where the origin of the fire could be pinned.

Two first responders initially indicated that the fire originated in a mobile home in the Downtown Trailer Park, but its owners Dave and Sharon Ricetti refute that.

Ricetti told the Sacramento-based attorney for the insurance company and some of the fire inspectors that the fire originated at the Quintopia Brewery.

UPDATE: After speaking with one of the fire investigators this morning, Aug. 13, he confirmed that exact cause of the fire is undetermined at this time, but it is believed that it started on the trailer park side of the property.

The attorney for a Sacramento-based insurance company meets with Quincy resident Earl Thompson the morning of Tuesday, Aug. 11. Flanigan-Leavitt owner Valerie Flanigan and Quintopia Brewery owner Tom Hepner and a Quincy Fire Department representative talk before fire inspectors from three different fire investigations companies began looking for evidence of where the fire originated. Thompson is the owner the building the Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center, the building where Quintopia Brewery, and where theater production props and costumes were stored. Photo by Victoria Metcalf


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