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It’s not just people; evacuated pets need a play to stay

By Victoria Metcalf

Animal Services Officer Jane Leddy pets one of the dogs at the facility in Quincy.
Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Special to Plumas New

Animals — both pets and livestock — that are not welcome at evacuation centers are finding boarding at the Plumas County Animal Services building in Quincy and at the fairgrounds.

Animals in need of shelter began arriving Thursday, Aug. 20, according to Animal Services Officer Jane Leddy.

Approximately 40 horses arrived from the Greenhorn area, she said. Another 15 came from Greenville and Taylorsville locals. The livestock including cows, chickens and other large animals are finding temporary homes at the Plumas-Lassen Fairgrounds, Leddy explained Monday, Aug. 24.

Dogs and cats are going to the animal shelter on Mill Creek Road in Quincy. These animals are placed in cat cages or dog runs and properly marked as evacuation pets.

Working through the weekend, Leddy and her boss, Alec Saez have been busy not just keeping track of other people’s pets, but accepting new temporary residents. “There’s more coming in every day,” Leddy said, as more evacuation orders come through.

For anyone who has been evacuated there is no charge for services, according to Leddy. The fee will eventually go to Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns and added to emergency services costs that will go to the state. That’s traditionally $20 a day per dog, she told one caller.

While Leddy was busy with dogs, Joanna and Neesa DeShazer arrived with bags of dog food and doggy treats for all of the dogs in the shelter. They also stopped by for a reunion with their large dog, named Blue.

For those who are being evacuated or who have been, contact the Plumas Animal Shelter at 530-283-3673.

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