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IVCSD passes budget for upcoming year

There was little fanfare in this month’s Indian Valley Community Service District meeting — the one major takeaway being the passing of the annual budget.

With summer under way, some focus shifts to the parks managed by the district.

The district received $400 from the Indian Valley Thrift Store for the renovation of the play structure at Greenville Park. General manager Chris Gallagher was also soliciting funding from the local Rotary and other entities. There’s also currently a Go Fund Me campaign online  for the play structure as well, which, over the years, has had many parts — including the slide — removed as parts aged, cracked or broke.

The Taylorsville Pool is up and running for the summer, as well.

The general manager reported progress in maintenance by his staff of Indian Valley projects such as the beginning of the installation of a new generator, bio work at the ponds for the renewal of the discharge permit, and IVCSD receiving its Certificate of Transparency in May for the second time. A major leak on Standart Mine Road was also fixed.

The IVCSD’s Greenville Planning Project is underway and Gallagher stated he hoped that the project — still in the design phase — would be “shovel ready by the end of July.”

Gallagher indicated that he’s also been busy doing research on how other small rural districts are handling issues that are coming up throughout Northern California. He took a field trip to Cottonwood and Susanville. He is also still looking to purchase a small car for the chief plant operator to use.

Gallagher also indicated that training of employees out in the field was going well and he anticipated employees being able to pass their certification tests.

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