IVCSD soldiers on without general manager

By Meg Upton

Staff Writer

[email protected]

Sign of the times at the Indian Valley Community Services District (IVCSD) November meeting: all directors and personnel were now masked and the audience for the meeting sat far apart from each other at tables.

Still without a general manager since the end of September, the IVCSD directors began the meeting in closed session to discuss “government code section 54597 Public/Employee/ Discipline/Dismissal/Release” before calling in the public for the rest of the monthly meeting.

One member of the public made a statement during public comment about the property he purchased in 2018 that still had not received water and sewage services, even though those services had been purchased by the previous owner of the property in 2005. He indicated wanting to know when he could plan to receive services.

In absence of fire chief Tony Balbiani, volunteer Denny Wright was on hand to relay information for the fire department. Director Lee Anne Schramel indicated that the board would like to see a training calendar for 2021 for volunteer fire fighters.

“Training calendars are a good idea but things change all the time and are reliant on other people’s schedules coming from outside the area to deliver the trainings,” said Wright.

Schramel pressed that nonetheless, she and the board would like to see a calendar for 2021 so that they and the public and the volunteers themselves have a better of idea of what’s coming up and expected.

A brief discussion of finances followed with a notation that the IVCSD was receiving checks for restitution on a regular basis. There was also clarification on adding board members to the signature card for banking since there are only two. Clarification was also made concerning various other payments.

Directors reports were brief and only had two real items. The board clerk had participated in an annual conference given by the CSDA with a renewed certification for community services districts. Directors Wayne Dannemiller and Robert, Heard who are currently overseeing operations in absence of a general manager, received an email related to the public comment speaker regarding the property on Cheney Street and the need for previously paid for services to be implemented. There was then a brief discussion on delivery of services with the board voting to investigate the matter and get back to the property owner with more information and a ballpark date to begin trenching the property for services.

Schramel reported from her work on recruitment of a general manager and said that local persons had inquired about the position and the qualifications needed.

The board also voted to add Schramel and Dannemiller to administration and finance duties, (currently directors Mina Admire and Bob Orange are overseeing these aspects in the absence of a general manager).

Dec. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Greenville Town Hall is the date for the next regular monthly meeting.



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