IVCSD working to refurbish aging park

At the July IVCSD meeting and again in a special meeting Aug. 2, General Manager Chris Gallagher keeps working to refurbish Greenville’s aging park.

State Proposition 68 presents opportunities for districts to apply for grants for park rehabilitation projects.

At the special meeting Aug. 2, directors attending (Mina Admire, Wayne Dannemiller and Robert Heard) discussed that any potential grant would “fund ball field dugouts for one field and a new restroom facility located closer to the parking area,” according to the minutes of the meeting.

Additionally, tree planting would also occur to help complete a line of trees that were planted some years ago and the same species of trees would be planted.

The meeting was called because the grant application needed to be submitted and postmarked by Monday, Aug. 5 to qualify.

The board approved the grant application.

The Greenville park play structure equipment Go Fund Me is still underway on the Go Fund Me site, but has raised only $320 of the $25,000 asked for the project so far.

The Indian Valley Rotary has volunteered to organize a build day for the project Sept. 14.