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IVES to become Greenville Elementary again next fall

Indian Valley Elementary School will return to being called Greenville Elementary School beginning fall 2019 following a 5-0 school board vote to approve the name change.

The Plumas Unified School District’s Governing Board of Trustees met March 13 at Greenville High School to consider this and other matters.

Trustee Leslie Edlund, president of the board, opened the public hearing with fellow board members Dave Keller, Joleen Cline, Dwight Pierson and Traci Holt, clerk of the board on hand.

No public comments were offered and IVES Principal Traci Cockerill came forward to address the board saying the community still has a strong identification with the previous name.

She explained that now was a good opportunity to consider changing back because the school will soon receive its new marquee and having Greenville Elementary on the sign would be important.

“We still get mail addressed to Greenville Elementary,” Cockerill said, stating the school had sent surveys to families asking for their input.

About two dozen replies came back, none with any objections to changing the name back, with many in favor of the move.

Trustee Dave Keller made the motion to approve the name change that was approved unanimously.

“I haven’t heard any opposition and most people say it’s a great idea,” Keller said.

The school was named Indian Valley Elementary School in fall 2012.

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