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James M. Bailey

Celebration of Life will be held April 22, potluck 1-3 p.m., at the Walker Mansion Bed & Breakfast, in Westwood. James was born April 5, 1933, and passed away on January 22, 2023.

The Mountain

Why Do I Wander After You?

You, Blue & Gray Mound Of Horizon

What Is In My Soul

To Drive Me So?

What Lust-After

Pursues Me?


You Of Nothing More,

Than Earth And Stone

You Beckon With Your Dumb-Standing

Forest Sentinals And Insanely

Racing Streams

(In Panic To Reach The Sea Again)


You Stand

And Look Upon My




Won’t Answer Me

I Will Trespass


I Will Corrupt Your





Here Am I, Again,

Below Your Granite



You’ve Tricked Me

You’ve Come-Hithered

You’ve Opened To Me

Your Green Thighs


So Why Do I Waste Away

My Love On You?


You Too Are Unfaithful

You’ve Taken Other Lovers


I’ve Seen Their Marks

Upon Your Foot-Paths


Others Have Sighed In Your Embrace

But I’ll Come To You Again

As Always

My Mountain

My Mistress


My Mountain

My Mistress

You Gold-Plate The Leafs Of



To Entice

My Surrender To Your


You Gown Yourself In

Blazing Winter White, So

Your Quiet Beauty

Will Entrap Me

The Rush Of Life You Give To

To Me In The Spring

Is My Undoing


You Have Seduced Me From My Kind

You’ve Made My Bed To Be

The Green Meadow


My Bath

The Coursing Stream

You Evoke My Lust

With Your

Sweet Scented Breath

You Blind My Reason

With Your Night-Collection

Of Stars

You Are Both Persuasion

And, Innocence.


By Jim Bailey 1933-2023

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