Jan. 5: Plumas cases top 500; 17 today; 1 more death

The Plumas County Public Health Agency announced this afternoon, Jan. 5, that there are 17 newly confirmed coronavirus cases — 14  from the Southern Region.

Plumas News asked Public Health for more details related to that number  — such as if they were related to the jail outbreak. Yesterday it was announced that there six active cases in the Plumas County jail. Public Health said it wasn’t sure and directed Plumas News to the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Todd Johns said that the jail learned of four new cases today. That still leaves 10 cases in the Quincy area that Plumas News is interested in learning more about: such as is there another cluster? This story will be updated if more information becomes known.

UPDATE: Public Health said that it’s too early to know any information about the 10 cases; contact tracing is still underway.

There was also a fifth death reported today: The resident who passed away was under a physician’s care. He was in his late 70s with an underlying medical condition and residing in the Southern Region (American Valley/Quincy) of the county.


Following is the breakdown of today’s cases:

Two residents from the Western Region (Chester/Lake Almanor)

One resident from the Eastern Region (Portola/Graeagle)

Fourteen residents from the Southern Region (Quincy/American Valley)

Contact tracing is underway and if an exposed resident is identified during the investigation, the resident will be contacted by a member of the Public Health COVID-19 Response Team for further screening.

The current total of confirmed coronavirus cases is 514 with 46 active.

Plumas News is interested in talking to anyone who has/had coronavirus and is willing to share their experience. They can remain anonymous if desired. Contact Debra Moore at [email protected].

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