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Jerome Alvey sentenced to 14 years in prison for felony assault in attack blinding victim

On Friday, October 1, 2021, Jerome Albert Alvey, age 55 of Quincy, was sentenced to 14 years in state prison by the Honorable Janet Hilde. Alvey was previously found guilty of felony assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor battery and the jury had also found Alvey inflicted great bodily in the commission of the felony assault.

Alvey had previously been arrested on November 16, 2020 following an assault where Alvey had punched his 65 year old neighbor in the face while holding a metal garden hose nozzle. The incident began when a friend of the 65 year old victim’s adult daughter had parked his vehicle in front of Alvey’s residence. Upset at where the vehicle was parked Alvey began to spray the victim’s adult daughter and her friend with a hose. Upon being sprayed, the victim’s adult daughter yelled for help. The victim then walked over to Alvey’s yard whereupon Alvey began spraying the victim, in addition to his adult daughter and her friend, with the hose. The victim yelled at Alvey, his neighbor of ten years, “what the heck are you doing?” Alvey responded by punching the victim in the face with the metal of nozzle of the garden hose hitting the victim in the eye. The police were called and the victim was transported to Plumas District Hospital then flown by helicopter to Enloe Hosital in Chico. The victim suffered significant lacerations to his face near his left eye as well as a 100 percent hyphema, and damage to his tear duct and upper tarsal plate. As a result of the assault, the 65 year old victim has been permanently blinded in his left eye. Following jury’s verdict, Alvey admitted to the court he had previously suffered a prior conviction.

The prosecuting attorney, Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister, offered his appreciation for the efforts and attentiveness of the jury, the outstanding work by the investigating officer, Plumas County Detective Christina Ross, and the support from Deputy District Attorney Kelly Styger as well as DA Investigator Jessica Beatley. Hollister noted his gratitude for the sentence stating, “I very much appreciate the Judge’s the 14 years sentence and comments about the nature of this crime. Mr. Alvey’s unnecessary attack was vicious, remorseless, and left the victim permanently blinded in his left eye.”


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