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Just a drill

Portola residents and visitors may see members of the SWAT team and other law enforcement personnel in and around City Hall this afternoon, but it is just a drill. The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is scheduled to conduct a training this afternoon.

12 thoughts on “Just a drill

  • yes good job guys.
    we are working with meacher & epsd
    by this time next year we will have built a premiere active shooter faculty. looking forward to continue working with you in this next year on other SETs
    so far we have 4 scheduled for 2017
    thank you all, for all you do

    • side note:

      do you know what our peace officers did

      I found out from some of my renters

      from there own pockets, they gave a bunch of gift certificates worth up to $100 & made christmas for them kids much better
      thank you again

      • Sad Dennis, everyone now knows you are just an uneducated, phony old derelict that doesn’t know the difference between there, their and they’re. Lmao

        I swear, if wasn’t for your wife ( Ms. Piggy ) you’d be living under a bridge.

        • I know,right, America is the best country in the world & ive been to a lot of countys. me a delexical, dolt, legal immigrant that haves sooo much, even win every debate with you, whom has sooo little, got to love it…

          • Have you slept, or are you still drunk from last night?

            Haha, you think we are debating, cute. You would have to learn how to spell *counties before you could compete in, and win a debate, Dennis. Each post you make further proves my claims of your low intelligence. In fact, at this point I would go as far as saying you are so stupid, you actually believe your own lies.

          • nop I do not drink when I bounce.
            so you win wheel of fortune, english is hard language.
            & nothing else no lie

          • Fresh out of stories, Dennis? I think you’ve been a lying for so long, you simply can’t help yourself any longer, sad.

            Dennis A. D*******n
            Born : October 20 ,1960 Sanfrancisco county, ca

          • I’m sorry, you are such idiot:-)

          • yes you are

          • Lol^^^^

        • didn’t know your a trump supporter you sound just like him

          • *You’re

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