Labor of Love volunteers weed and plant the island between Main and Lawrence on June 12. Photo by Jim Burnworth

Labor of Love: A new Christian community service group gets to work

The Labor of Love logo developed by Graham Shea

Quincy residents may have noticed a large group gathered at the triangular island between Main and Lawrence Streets Saturday morning, June 12. They are a new Christian community service group called Labor of Love, organized by Dr. Ross Morgan. The idea behind the group is to unify Christians around acts of love for the community, inspired by the person of Jesus.

“I have had so many wonderful conversations with Christians of all different kinds over my 25 years in Quincy working as a doctor and volunteering as a coach and just being a neighbor,” said Morgan. “I have lamented how rarely we experience the deep unity we actually have as followers of Christ. Jesus himself confronted and overcame the same alienation between people so toxic in our culture over race, economics and politics. So Christians can and should do that now. Most Christians I have talked to in the past couple years have felt the same desire to come together and make the difference in our community that Jesus calls us to make.”

The group of about 20 working on Main and Lawrence was preparing the island for beautification and flower-planting, a project done in cooperation with Soroptimist International of Quincy. But the total number of Labor of Love volunteers working Saturday surpassed 50.

Twelve different Christian congregations were represented, and the volunteers worked on four different projects, also benefiting the Lost Sierra Food Project and Plumas Christian School.


Graham Shea was one volunteer who worked on processing logs donated for building raised garden beds for the Lost Sierra Food Project. “This first gathering was a beautiful sight,” said Shea. “We believe all Christians are part of one body of Christ, meaning his hands and feet to show his love to the world. We also need more opportunities like this to demonstrate our love for each other. Remarkable love has always been the sign by which Christians are to be recognized, and sadly that’s often not the case.”

Labor of Love gathers the second Saturday of each month at Pioneer Park at 9 a.m. to pray together and disperse to their various work projects, which Morgan seeks out through recommendation. At noon, the group gathers again for a shared meal provided at Pioneer.

The next work day will be Saturday, July 10. All Christians are encouraged to participate. Those interested in getting involved can find details and contact information on the Labor of Love Quincy Facebook page.

Collin Shafer and his son Malachi cut donated wood into rounds, while Dr. Ben Hunt sorts larger logs for milling. Photo by Graham Shea