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This digital schematic is but one idea to illustrate some of the possible features a future town plaza might offer — covered areas for year round use, picnic area, public fire pit and open multi-use area with adjoining safety barriers. Members of the LAACC board invite folks to come out and share their ideas as they research the possibilities. Illustration courtesy of LAACC

Lake Almanor Chamber looking for community input

There was a lot to talk about at the Oct. 9 board meeting of the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce (LAACC), especially with all the new ideas about a possible town plaza that were raised at the Sept. 25 Town Coffee.

With several visitors from different community groups attending, the interest appeared to grow after hearing the reports from researching committees and viewing a rough schematic of one possible plaza layout.

The digitalized diagram was intended more to visualize possible features, like a covered gathering area, than to indicate any particular size or design.

Some of the features that were discussed included an open air cover, picnic (eating) area, community fire pit, multipurpose open area that could be used as an ice rink in winter, safety barriers, restrooms, security cameras, a water feature and stage.

The committee on Activities/Programming indicated they would like to see varying activities created that would utilize the facility for at least 250 days a year with most of them scheduled between the 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. hours.

Music, drama and dance events along with programming for school and service organization events were mentioned.

Ice skating, crafts fairs, community bonfire activities, holiday events and farmers markets were noted.

Periodic holiday contests, climbing walls, bounce houses and youth game sets all helped fill in a long list of ideas.

The board stressed they are sure there are many more great ideas out there and the process is only beginning.

The next Town Coffee discussion group is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. the morning of Oct. 16 at the Chester Plumas Bank. All interested parties are invited to attend.

Continuing on to planning activities that are quickly approaching, the board talked about the costume contest and the merchant’s scarecrow contest that will coincide with the Chester Merchant’s Safe Trick-or-Treat activities Thursday, Oct. 31.

In addition, coming up are the “Mountain Affair” holiday shopping tour scheduled Nov. 7 through 14, the Veteran’s Weekend Community Tree Lighting on Saturday, Nov. 9, and the sixth annual 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.

Go to the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce web site for more information on all these upcoming events.

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