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Large crowds always tend to put a smile on the faces of vendors at craft fairs and craft fair attendees are always happy when there are extensive wares to consider. Both were the case at the 18th annual LACF Arts & Crafts Faire on Aug. 31 in the Country Club. Original artisans and crafters were plentiful as were the crowds. Photos by Ann Bakey-Dengler

Lake Almanor Community Foundation Arts and Crafts Faire

The Lake Almanor Community Foundation (LACF) hosted its 18th annual Arts & Crafts Faire on the lawn at Recreational Area #1 in the Lake Almanor Country Club on Aug. 31.

The foundation-hosted fund-raising event features artwork and crafts that must be “original and of good quality.” No commercial or imported products are acceptable.

The artisan turnout was huge this year and the foundation also encouraged local civic organizations to participate.

The proceeds raised through the event are then donated to civic groups that provide services to the community.

This year during the event, LACF treasurer Joanne Ness and member Karen Elliot presented a check for $3,000 to Jason Pleau for Chester Youth Wresting.

The wrestling team competes in both a mountain league and a valley league for 5 to 14-year-olds.

LACF indicated it would also be making several more donations to the community in the coming weeks.

The weather was delightful, the crowds plentiful and the vendors and community groups seemed very pleased with the day.

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