Dan Smith, ARPD field maintenance supervisor, holds grandson Bodimayne, age 2, in his arms while shaking hands with Scott Devereaux, Lake Almanor Country Club general manager, in gratitude for the company’s lawnmower donation. The donated 2004 Toro 4wd GroundMaster 4000 diesel mower was loaded onto a trailer for delivery April 19. Photos by Stacy Fisher

Lake Almanor Country Club donates mower to park district

The Almanor Recreation and Park District contacted the Lake Almanor Country Club earlier in the year to ask about the possibility of the club donating one of its used but good condition lawnmowers from its mower inventory to replace the one the district has, which is small, old and in need of extensive repair.

The ARPD had heard that LACC donates equipment as part of the club’s community outreach efforts. Because the district is unfunded, many of its operational and program needs come through donations and sponsorships throughout the year.

ARPD Board Member Susan Espana wrote a letter on behalf of the district explaining the need for a new lawnmower to maintain the sports fields. She said LACC’s donation of the 59-HP GroundMaster 4000 mower would be a wonderful contribution to local area youth sports programs that use the Truman-Collins Sports Complex, including youth soccer, softball and Little League play.

Scott Devereaux, Lake Almanor Country Club general manager, responded that the company was more than happy to donate the used mower, which it had been kept in storage in the club’s maintenance yard during the past winter.

On the day of pick up, Devereaux commented that even though the club is a private business, “We’re still part of the Lake Almanor Basin and wider community, so whenever we have an opportunity to give back, in this case helping out the ARPD, we do what we can.”


Dan Smith, field maintenance supervisor who would be operating the commercial grade lawnmower said, “I’d like to thank the Lake Almanor Country Club and Scott Devereaux for this donation,” which he estimated would “decrease the time needed to mow the lawns at the Truman-Collins Sports Complex in half.”

Colleen Garrett, acting ARPD president, wrote to Devereaux that on behalf of the Almanor Recreation and Park District, the board wished to express their sincere gratitude for the replacement mower, which was loaded onto a trailer for delivery April 19.