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Once the migrating crustaceans are herded into the three extra large containment units, these dedicated members of the department make sure several are plated up for rapid consumption.  From left are Peninsula Fire personnel Alex Machado, Lisa Phillips, George Irving, Dave Henderson and Fire Chief Gary Pini ready to man the distribution center for their annual Crab Feed on Jan. 25. Photo by Gregg Scott

Lake Almanor crab migration quickly eaten

Every year it is reported that there is a large migration of Pacific Dungeness Crabs in the Lake Almanor area and each year they are quickly herded into the Lake Almanor Country Club by the Peninsula Firemen’s Association where the possible infestation is even more rapidly stopped by immediate consumption.

This annual event is most often referred to as the  “Peninsula Firemen’s Association Annual Crab Feed” and it was held at Clifford’s Restaurant on Jan. 25.

The crab, which had just made its way into the area that morning was still in the Pacific Ocean just a day before and was about as fresh as crustaceanally possible.

Just over 180 people descended on Clifford’s that evening around 5 p.m., and by 8, all the crabs were gone along with kilos of green salad and dinner rolls.

The reward for curbing the advance of the pesky critters was to finish off the evening with a piece (or two) from one of the scrumptious cakes donated by Patty Roarty.

All of the proceeds from this annual event benefit the Firemen’s Association as they partner with the Peninsula Fire Sirens to purchase equipment for the department. The most recent item co-purchased was a new $35,000 defibrillator for the ambulance.

Tickets for this year’s “ecological containment” event were sold out within 36 hours of release and with a 90-person waiting list, the association is discussing the possibility of having a two-day event next year. More to come!

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