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Lake Almanor man graphs COVID data

Lake Almanor resident Dale Knutsen is no stranger to tracking data. He contributes a monthly weather analysis to be published in the Chester Progressive. Now he has set his sights on tracking and graphing COVID-19 in the state.

Following is his analysis:

The attached graphic plots two of the many statistical measures of COVID-19 impact on California through Saturday, April 25. The dashed black line indicates the total number of California deaths attributed to coronavirus. Sadly, the fatalities continue to climb and the curve has not yet shown any tendency to “flatten” (level off). The red line indicates the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the state each day. That particular measure has flucutated wildly in recent weeks, and also has yet to show a consistent downward trend. Bottom line is that people continue to get sick with the virus at a rate that strains our collective medical system.

The important good news to report is that the northeastern counties (Sierra, Plumas, Lassen and Modoc) remain a relatively quiet zone … and we’d certainly like to keep it that way! In fact, much of the northern part of the state has fared well thus far. Large population centers are bearing the brunt of the attack as a general rule. Even nearby Washoe County in northwestern Nevada has a high case count (over 800); while much of that county is sparsely populated, the Reno area is a “hot zone.

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