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Lake Almanor man shares COVID experience – it wasn’t mild

When COVID-19 first made its appearance in Plumas County in 2020, many residents shared their personal stories so that others could understand the experience. As more and more people developed COVID and the symptoms became widely known, we received less personal accounts.

Now the omicron variant is causing COVID numbers to increase dramatically and there is a new wave of infections. While many people describe mild symptoms — that is not universally the case.

This morning Lake Almanor resident Peter Skeel, 72, submitted a letter to the editor describing his experience, which was not mild. Plumas News reached out to Peter for a little more information. He said that he wanted to share his story because people need to know that it can be very serious. In addition to his own experience, Peter shared that he knew of others who had such severe symptoms they went to the hospital for help, including a 24-year-old. While Peter considered going to the hospital, he didn’t. “I was too sick to drive myself anywhere,” he said.

It’s unknown which variant of the virus that Peter has contracted. He said that the coughing was the worst; he would have to hold his ribs because they hurt so much, and it was difficult to breath. He also reported a loss of smell, which typically isn’t associated with omicron.

Peter is fairly certain that he contracted the virus from someone that he met with in close contact without a mask, albeit relatively briefly. “We need to wear a mask and social distance,” he said. “That’s the message that I want to share.

Peter’s letter:

I got Covid.  I’m fully vaccinated with Moderna plus I got the booster. Eleven days ago I woke up feeling sick. Days 2 and 3 weren’t good at all. Constant coughing, fever of near 103, and it wasn’t fun. Finally, the lung congestion began breaking up, and I began feeling a little better. First thing I did was change my sheets and that helped my attitude. I was too sick to drive.

On Tuesday, Day 9, I phoned for a Covid test at Seneca and got that test done yesterday. It came back positive. Ugh.

The remnants of the infection feel much like I have a head cold now. I feel a little tired constantly, I have a mild headache, sinuses congested, and my temperature is up slightly. I’m still coughing but only occasionally now.

Lost my sense of smell but only noticed that when it came back!  When it came back I was smelling smells that aren’t in my house!!  Rather bizarre but that has stopped now and my ability to smell normally has returned.

I wouldn’t describe having got Covid as something mild. Especially the near 48 hours of incessant coughing. My ribs literally hurt from coughing so much.

DayQuil and NightQuil really helped once I remembered I had them and to take them. I would recommend them.

I’m walking to A13 and back almost daily again. Very slowly, where 2 miles takes me one hour. 😊. The days I’m too tired I don’t go, but I do enjoy my walks.

There’s SO much information about Covid — good, bad, and indifferent — that I feel like I’m in a mental maze.

I’ve decided I’m going to hang out here for four more days, then take a home test if I can get one, which I think I can. Once I take an antigen test and it’s negative I’m considered not contagious any longer. 🤞😷. Seneca doesn’t offer the antigen test.

I do feel like I’m getting a little better each day now. 🙏♥️

That’s my “I Got Covid” story.

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