The delivery of 140,000 fish may not seem a big deal to fisherman on Lake Almanor right now, but according to fishery biologists it will only take two or three years before many of them become relevant when they start showing up looking like this and many will continue to grow.

Lake Almanor welcomes newest residents

This is what a Chinook salmon looks like at approximately 4 inch long. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife delivered about 140,000 of these fat, healthy fingerlings to Lake Almanor on May 29 and 30. AFA supporters Dave and Judi Finkbeiner of Lake Haven Resort shared their boat ramp as a delivery site. Photos submitted

Great news for anglers and future anglers that frequent the waters of Lake Almanor.

Amber Mouser from California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that they delivered about 140,000 healthy Chinook salmon on May 29 and 30.

Mouser said, “The salmon are 4 inches on average and they are fat and healthy.” At Mouser’s request the Almanor Fishing Association made arrangements with the New Haven Resort to use its boat ramp for the delivery.

AFA offers special thanks to owners Dave and Judi Finkbeiner for their continued support of AFA programs to enhance the fishery at Lake Almanor.