Lake Davis hosts the Annual Ice Fishing Derby Saturday

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

Lake Davis

The Lake Davis Annual Ice Derby takes place Saturday, Feb. 19. To register for the event or hot tips on what to bring for a day on frozen Lake Davis, call J&J Grizzly Store at (530) 832-0270.

Bucks Lake

Roads up to the lake are closed from both directions due to lingering snow pack. Warming temperatures and a little projected rain suggest those days are numbered. Although four-wheeled vehicles have no access, snowmobiles and snow cats are enjoying pristine conditions at our mountain lake packed with plenty of fishes.

Lake Almanor

Another dry week is resulting in no change to fishing conditions on Almanor. There is a slight chance of snow today, Monday, with no accumulation expected. There is also a slight chance of precipitation next weekend. Lake level continues to increase minimally. Daily the increase is noticeable on the north side of the causeway as what was a small stream a month ago is slowly filling in with water. Water temperatures remain between 35-40 degrees and the large ice patches have dissipated.

Hamilton Branch and the coves around the dam are the best shots at catching fish from shore. Trollers are targeting fish on the south end of the lake.


“I did take a trip to the north end checking to see if any fish have moved up into the flats and/or Red Bank,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “We fast trolled the entire area for one smaller rainbow.” Trollers are not getting large numbers, but the fish caught are in great shape with reports of Rainbows over six pounds. All methods work this time of year. The fish are on the surface early dropping in the water column as the sun comes up.

Canyon Dam remains open for launching and Plumas Pines is open for lodging. All roadways leading to Almanor are clear. Travellers can expect large volumes of truck traffic through the canyon as debris removal in Greenville is in full swing.


“AFA’s annual membership drive is underway, if you would like to assist us in our efforts to “enhance and preserve” Almanor’s world class fishery please visit our website at,” said Crotty. “Thanks for your support!”