Lake level continues to rise

Lake level was 4481.96 on April 2, which is up 5-6 inches from last year on the same date. According to Almanor Fishing Association volunteer Phil Datner, water content at Lower Lassen Peak (8,338-foot elevation) is 52.55 inches, slightly higher than it was last year at 51.89 inches on the same date.

“We are cautiously optimistic that we will receive enough weather to ensure lake levels in 2022 stay above 2021’s levels,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. Another theory might be: it is warming earlier than it did last year and the snow we received is melting sooner and raising lake level earlier in the season. The water temperature range is between 47.5 & 51.5 degrees.

Bass fishing activity and production have both increased this week. “A good grade of smallies are being caught along the shoreline and off points,” said Crotty. Trout trollers are catching fish on the south end of the lake early and spreading out after the sun comes up. Fish remain scattered throughout the lake and can be caught both slow and fast trolling. Depths change throughout the day; fishermen need to adjust speeds and depths as necessary to keep the bite coming. “We are seeing a significant increase in bug hatches, which should continue through spring,” said Crotty.

Bank fishermen are targeting efforts at Hamilton Branch and around the coves by the dam. The USFS ramp in Canyon Dam is the only useable public ramp, the second ramp at Prattville should be opening soon. After a drizzle of rain this weekend, warming trends are expected for the balance of the week. If predictions hold true, a significant drop in temperatures will occur early next week, and daytime highs are expected to reach the mid-forties. Brrrrr.