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Lake level similar to 2015, another drought year

By Phil Datner

Special to Plumas News


When I returned from evacuation, Lake Almanor was looking low.  I have heard from two to three neighbors that they heard that PG&E was releasing a lot more water from the lake.  I think that the data from California Department Water Resources says differently.


The graph below (current to 8/24/21)  showing the water storage for the last 10 years, indicates that for this year (thicker black line), the slope of water storage is about the same for all 10 years.  It also shows that the lake is about the same as the year 2015.  The years 2021 and 2015 are similar as they are both in the second year of drought conditions.

The highest water in the lake is at the start of June for a normal or dry year.  It may be a month later during a wet year.  The peak water this year was on 6/5/21.


6/5/21 – 4483.28′

7/5/21 – 4482.29′

8/5/21 – 4480.47′

8/24/21 – 4479.38′


In May 2021, PG&E did project that the lake level could get to 4476.2 feet by 9/30/21  See link below:


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