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Land swap?

Hospital and college look at possibility

Real estate — buying an adjacent property and entertaining a land swap with Feather River College — dominated the closed session scheduled during Plumas Hospital District’s Aug. 5 meeting.

JoDee Tittle, the district’s CEO, addressed the outcome of both topics the morning following the meeting.

“The board approved to move forward with the home purchase,” Tittle said of a property located adjacent to the hospital campus.

The home and property possibly will be used to run a daycare. Many of the district’s healthcare providers have young children and finding daycare has been an impediment to them being able to work fuller schedules.

Initially the daycare facility would be offered to district employees, but it could be expanded to accommodate the community as well.

As for the land swap, Tittle stressed that the discussions are in their infancy. “We want to see if this is even a possibility,” she said.

The swap would see the healthcare district exchange its campus — including the hospital, adjacent clinics, and dental clinic and property across Bucks Lake Road, for property that the college owns that fronts Highway 70.

Tittle said the new site would be developed to include a skilled nursing facility, a hospital and clinics.

Once construction was completed and the healthcare district move completed, the college could renovate the hospital buildings for dorms and other needs.

The thought is appealing to the hospital district because it would “be least disruptive” to the patients and allow the hospital to build new rather than try to renovate its existing buildings.

However Tittle cautioned that there are many considerations. “There could be a lot of issues; it’s too early to know,” she said, but added that the board was open to exploring the possibilities.

In other news

The effort to consolidate the Plumas and Indian Valley healthcare districts continues with both entities targeting Dec. 31 for a certificate of completion.

A LAFCo hearing was scheduled for Aug. 12 and all entities expected the consolidation to receive the organization’s approval. The main purpose of LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission) is to over see the consolidation of districts such as this effort.

When consolidated the Plumas district board would add two members from Indian Valley for a total of seven members, that ultimately would winnow back to five through attrition.

Though the financials weren’t completed in time for the Aug. 5 meeting, Chief Financial Officer Caleb Johnson reported that the hospital would end the fiscal year on a positive note, buoyed by a strong performance in May. “We will end this fiscal year, higher than the last,” Johnson said.

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