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Lassen National Park Highway closed to through traffic for the winter

Lassen National Park Highway is closed to through traffic for the winter/spring snow season following the recent storms that brought heavy snow and ice to the high-elevation roadway.

The Park remains open throughout the winter/spring snow season and can be a wonderful time to visit for well-prepared visitors. While the park remains open, vehicle access is limited to 1 mile from the northwest entrance to the Loomis Plaza and 1 mile from the southwest entrance to the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center. The majority of Lassen National Park Highway, and the other park roads into Juniper Lake, Warner Valley, and Butte Lake are closed to vehicles for the winter.

“We are happy to welcome another early start to the winter season at Lassen Volcanic. Winter is a special time to visit the park with friends and family. Sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing are wonderful ways to enjoy Lassen Volcanic’s snowy splendor,” said Acting Superintendent Kevin Sweeney

Camping in self-contained vehicles, such as motorhomes and trailers, is permitted in the Southwest Area parking lot. Oversnow tent camping is not permitted in the Southwest Area, nor in the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center (KYVC) parking area. Oversnow tent camping is allowed in the Lassen Volcanic backcountry (1/2 mile from any park road open to vehicle traffic) with a permit, as well as in the adjacent Lassen National Forest. Fires and fire pans are not permitted; self-contained barbecues and gas stoves are allowed. Drinking water and restrooms are available inside the visitor center.

Visitors are reminded to be cautious of camping anywhere near trees that may have been impacted during the 2021 Dixie Fire. Weakened trees and branches can fall without warning.

The Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center is open 9 am to 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday) through the winter/spring snow season. The park entrance fee for a vehicle is $30. The winter entrance is fee is $10 between December 1 and April 15.

Enjoy your visit to Lassen Volcanic in the winter season by being prepared. Check the weather forecast, dress in layers, and carry food and water. Stow a shovel, blankets, and tire chains in your vehicle and expect winter road conditions. Fill up your gas tank before entering the park; there is no gas available until May.

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