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Learn more about SAD at Community Wellness Talk

Do you unexplainably get depressed or feel blue in the winter? Maybe you notice that some of your friends, coworkers or loved ones get the winter blues, or even come down with a full-on case of depression.

Symptoms may appear as winter approaches, such as feeling blue, lacking energy, sleeping a lot, disturbing changes in eating habits, lowered sex drive and notable changes in mood and thinking. This condition is commonly referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Peter Livingston will be giving the December Community Wellness Talk on Seasonal Affective Disorder  on Thursday, Dec, 5, at 6 p.m., in the backroom of the Greenville Wellness Center.

Livingston, a licensed clinical social worker, has spent over four decades focused on helping individuals, families and groups within a broad range of mental-health-related concerns.

According to organizer Pat Bradley, Livingston, in retirement, “has gained a higher degree of freedom to explore more unconventional aspects of human consciousness across the body-mind-soul-spirit spectrum. In addition to providing clinical services in his private psychotherapy practice, he holds an intention to manifest, a community-based education center, to serve residents of Plumas County.”

The talk will go over diagnostic factors, the profile of who gets SAD, its causes and symptoms and possible solutions.

Livingston offers simple, effective treatments that can considerably alter the negative effects of SAD and lead to a more positive, bright, and energetic winter,” according to Bradley.

  There will be two types of readily available light treatment devices available for inspection.

Bradley hopes the attendees will share their experiences and knowledge.

Greenville Wellness Center is located at 414 Main St. The conference room is behind the main building. The talk will go from 6 to 8 p.m., and the talks are always free.

The Community Wellness Talks occur on the first Thursday of every month between October and June. For more information, contact Pat Bradley at 284-7983.

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