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Letter to the Editor: Loss of a town is unimaginable

Dear Editor, we thank you for all the great reporting on the Dixie Fire!  You’ve done an amazing job along with Ken Donnell and Meg Upton of Greenville.  Having information from residents adds so much heart to this tragic story; we have been very concerned about the beautiful town of Greenville and its wonderful residents.  Living over by the Nervino Airport and the Beckwourth Complex Fire, the loss of a town is unimaginable, we send our heartfelt condolences to all Plumas County residents as this fire doesn’t seem to be over yet!

Also, the heroic efforts of all the fire personnel and especially the helicopter pilots/crews who fly into such terrible conditions. The Sheriff and deputies plus the CHP for doing their very best to keep people safe.  What a tremendous effort on everyone’s part, can’t forget the volunteers who will be remembered for what they’ve done too.   Bless everyone!  You all will be stronger more focused on rebuilding a beautiful town reflecting Mother Natures harmony that is still there, just can’t see it right now, but it’s there!

Blessings All,

Toodie and Bob Marshall

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