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Local agency provides valuable resources for fire victims

Construction is underway on Bucks Lake Road in Quincy to replace the offices for PCIRC and Quintopia Brewing that were destroyed in structure fire last year.


Plumas Crisis Intervention & Resource Center (PCIRC) Executive Director Scott McCallum said he and the staff members extend their sincerest condolences for those who lost homes (which also claimed McCallum’s home) and were displaced by the Dixie Fire but they also wanted the community to know they are here and will continue to help those in need. Whether it’s little things to bring comfort or the bigger necessities that bring support for a new beginning. “After the loss of our Family Resource & Homeless Day Shelter site in Quincy last July, we know the feelings and sorrow of loss and the hard path to rebuild dreams,” he said.

McCallum said PCIRC offers many services during wildfire emergencies including access to emergency, transitional and permanent housing; food pantry supplies; hygiene items; various clothing items; food/gas gift cards; peer and grief counseling along with an array of supportive stabilization services countywide.

As the summer progresses and fire season continues to challenge our county, our staff serve as first responders working closely with county agencies to assist individuals and families during natural disasters. Our services can be accessed at our temporary offices located at 175 Main Street in Quincy or by calling 530-283-5515,” McCallum said.

PCIRC is working with multiple local and state partners to address the mid-term housing needs of survivors. McCallum said is important that transitional housing be established as soon as possible for all in need while our county, state and federal partners work to bring safety and infrastructure support to the communities with the greatest need. The agency will soon be sharing its plan of action to secure rentals, purchase trailers and work on the development of tiny homes as interim housing options throughout the county.

The non profit agency was in the process of developing the North Star Navigation Center to serve as the county’s first shelter to serve the homeless, which was lost in the Dixie Fire.

As with most wildfires caused by human or natural events, it will take a village to achieve many goals. We encourage those interested in joining our mission through the Dixie Fire Re-Build Fund. For additional information or assistance call McCallum or Cathy Rahmeyer, director of operations at 530-283-5515. “We encourage everyone affected by the Dixie Fire to call or come by our offices to complete an intake so we may offer immediate support while looking forward to future housing, Rahmeyer said.

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