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Local gallery celebrates 10 years on Main Street

The November show at Main Street Artists Gallery will bea celebratory event as the gallery reaches its 10th year in business.

The journey hasbeen a remarkable experience for both the artists and staff and they wish to make this upcoming show opening Friday, Nov. 1, an evening of joy, pride and gratitude.

Gallery representative Lara Eichenberger said, “We are extremely fortunate to have had the support and enthusiasm of the residents of Plumas County for all these years and we hope that our monthly openings continue to provide an opportunity for appreciation ofthe amazing number oftalented artists who live here and the visitingartists who are always delighted to participate in our shows. We’re also happy that these shows have become a monthly social event for the citizens of this remarkable town and county.”

A special thank you goes to the former owner of the Clinch Building, Steve Smith, who took a risk 10 years ago in renting the space to a gaggle of artistswith no guarantees or proven experience in running a profitable gallery.

Eichenberger added, “We all learned as we went along and miraculously can now take pride in the result.”

The show opens Friday, Nov 1, from 5 to 7 p.m., to help celebrate this milestone event and raise a glass to the talented artists of Plumas County.

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