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Mark Reynolds takes a portrait on the Plumas District Hospital campus. It's his way of thanking frontline workers. Photo submitted

Local photographer honors frontline workers

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Some of their faces are partially obscured by face masks, while others look directly into the camera, but they all represent the community’s frontline workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Local photographer Mark Reynolds captured these portraits in the past couple of weeks, visiting Plumas District Hospital, Quincy Pharmacy and Sav Mor.

“Photography is a way I can thank all the essential workers that have to put themselves in harm’s way just so we can carry on with our daily lives,” he said.

Eventually the images will be used in a gallery showing at Plumas Arts, but for now he is making them available to the individuals he photographed.

Reynolds said he was inspired to undertake this project locally after seeing news coverage of “a photographer who did it in Georgia.”

Thus far he has taken about 50 portraits with plans to do more. “They are all really appreciative of me doing it,” he said.

Tiffany Leonhardt, the director of public relations and communications for Plumas District Hospital, agreed. “The participants had a great time,” she said.

Reynolds sets up a backdrop on location and then photographs those that are interested in receiving a portrait either individually or in a group.

Other frontline workers who are interested in participating can contact Reynolds by email at [email protected] or call 530-616-0230.

Reynolds, 63, has been taking pictures since he was 14. He describes photography as his hobby, but one that supports him enough “to keep me in camera gear.” His fulltime business is now his custom frame shop located adjacent to his home on Second Street in Quincy. It’s called Bear Creek Frames and has been open for about six months. He meets clients by appointment only.


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