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Goldilocks by Debbie Kercmar Boyd

Main Street Artists feature the works of Sheehan and Kercmar Boyd

Main Street Artists Gallery puts the work of two artists in the spotlight for March — Debbie Kercmar Boyd and John Sheehan will have the Main Room — and Gallery Members complete this new show with their latest offerings.  This show packs a punch and comes in like a lion.  John Sheehan calls his show, “Skis and Trees.”  Debbie Kercmar Boyd calls her show “Evolving.”

John Sheehan celebrates living in four-season country with World Championship Longboards inspired paintings.  Debbie Kercmar Boyd gives a glimpse of her personal journey in art through her paintings of our favorite animals and thus her art is Evolving.

Debbi’s show is chock full of Plumas County favorites. The current evolution of her approach to painting is within a technique called “ala Prima.”  It is a wet on wet technique where the artist paints without allowing the layers to dry between applications.  It can also mean that paintings can be painted in a single session, or “ala prima.” Debbie applies this technique to achieve a painterly feel which adds a liveliness that prevents her subjects from becoming static or boring. Folks who enjoy her farm fresh paintings of cows and horses, bears and owls would never brand them as boring.  They allow us to appreciate the beauty which surrounds us in beautiful Plumas County.  And… who doesn’t love cows!

Her evolution from her early love of arts and crafts to the paintings she displays today is a statement on perseverance and a persistent muse.  Through her journey in art she has been gifted with an entrepreneurial savvy to turn her “hobbies” into independent businesses.  Through starts and stops and the rhythm of life she has continued to paint and bust her boundaries. Her current works are oil and acrylic paintings.  Her subjects are varied, her creations equally so.  They range from cute baby onesies adorned with cows and baby animals to jewelry and abstracts.  Keep an eye on her as she continues to evolve and bloom.  We haven’t seen the end of her creative path and it is bound to be the catalyst for yet another successful business.

Artist and long standing Gallery member, John Sheehan, loves to paint what he values in life.  John’s paintings are all about showing and sharing what is all around us; nature, animals, people. Along with these, he brings his other passion, World Championship Longboards, to the walls of Main Street Artists Gallery. This show is titled, “Skis and Trees.”  When asked what his show is about, John says, “In the shank of the winter, people are trying to get outside as much as we can.  They were going to the forest with longboards and snowshoes since the 1860’s to get out of the cabin and etc.”

“Longboard Race” is his feature painting in this collection which, he says gleefully, “has both trees and skis…as well as juicy mammals playing music.” The chill, the thrill, and the finish playfully come through in John’s inimitable style.  Another work in particular, “Born Ready” is a delightful drawing based on a photo circa 1900s.  The look on this person’s face comes from the joy and chaos of a downhill run.

John’s collection is a personal narrative of an experience that has occupied a place in his winters and continues in 2023 with one match left in the World Championship Longboards Competition on Sunday, March 19.  Johns reminds us, “It is the Ides of Longboards, halfway through the events.  Everyone should go to longboards.”  Consider this Gallery show to be your personal gateway to another Lost Sierra tradition.

March show opening reception on Friday, March 3, from 5-7 p.m. come for a Wine and Appetizer reception at Main Street Artists Gallery.  Gallery hours are Thursday – Friday 11-5 and Saturdays 11-4

Main Street Artists Gallery is located at 436 Main Street in Quincy. (530) 283-1909

Longboards Race by John Sheehan
Born Ready by John Sheehan

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