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"Reflections" will be on display at the Main Street Artists Gallery. A reception is planned for this Friday, July 1 from 5-7 p.m. Photo submitted

Main Street Artists Gallery July Show: Into the Woods and Wilds 

Main Street Artists Gallery is ready to send you into the Woods and Wilds with two amazing artists: Barbara McCabe, landscape photographer, and Bruce Powell, wood worker, on Friday, July 1, reception 5-7 p.m.

Bruce Powell’s use of exotic woods and detailed intricate patterns, known as marquetry, attract collectors desiring quality and superior workmanship.

He comes from a successful world of bits and bytes and business and eventually veered off into the wood to explore his interest in marquetry.  Marquetry is the art of creating and joining delicate wood veneers into patterns.  He has taken courses on the method and has been trained extensively.  At this point in his experience, he creates complex images of exceptional beauty.

I asked Bruce what he enjoys most when he creates his treasures.  He was quick to answer that it was the wood.  Bruce loves selecting the woods that will become his creation.  He matches the beauty and quality of wood to the object’s purpose, and then there is the magic that happens when all of this comes together and has meaning to his recipient.

Bruce offers a wide assortment of graceful wine tables and well-crafted treasure boxes and cutting boards that come alive with dragons, butterflies, and koi fish which showcase his talent in the art of marquetry.

Barbara McCabe presents a collection of award winning photographs for July’s featured show.  We are fortunate to display this body of work which received recognition by San Francisco  Academy of Arts in their Spring 2019, 2020, and 2022 shows.

Barbara is a photographer who works in the realm of alternative photographic processes and hands-on creation of images. The processes are historic through the use of pinhole cameras and a large format view camera and developed with printing processes first begun in 1842.  The negatives are developed on archival cotton paper and then the “wild things” happen.

Her unique Kallitype and tea-toned Cyanotype contact prints are distinctive and one of a kind.  With these processes, Barbara uses the brown tones of Kallitype to reference the earth or adds cyan/blue and tea/sepia to reflect the sky and take on the mood and nuance of passing time, and an ethereal quality of otherness.  She works the many-layered processes while mindfully bringing purposeful intention to the final result.  You have to see it to experience it.  Emphatically, the result is more than the recording of simple landscapes.

Her photos capture the raw wildness of our surrounding waters and mountains while inviting the viewer into the frame so to speak.  She inserts herself into the landscape as a door for the viewer to interact with nature.  No standing to the side, no division; an open invitation to merge with, and emerge from, the wild.

Barbara Mc Cabe’s show will also include work in the more traditional processes of digital photography, which still speaks in her trademark language of whispered dreams. Barbara’s dream is that your experience will motivate a sense of protection and emotional connection to the wild areas which surround us.

Both are exceptional artists whose works are well accepted and MSA Gallery is pleased to present their unique photos and quality wood works to the public.  The gallery will also be filled with the works of our other gallery members to make this a rich offering. Barbara will have her impressive box camera and pinhole cameras on display.  As usual it will be a great opportunity to see and learn some new things while buying fabulous art and enjoying some quality time with the artists.

Main Street Artists Gallery will celebrate this show with an opening reception on Friday, July 1, from 5-7 p.m. with wine and appetizers.

Brovelli Framing Store inside the Gallery provides beautiful ready-made frames as well as custom framing service to showcase your art and precious photos.

Main Street Artists Gallery, 432 Main Street, Quincy CA 95971.   (530) 283-1909  https://mainstreetartists.net  Open Wednesday – Friday 11-5  Saturdays 11-4

A Bruce Powell table will be one of the items on display at Main Street Artists Gallery. Photo submitted

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