Main Street Artists hosts opening reception Friday

This piece, titled “Geranium Red,” will be on display this month at Main Street Artists Gallery as part of the works of Marc Ellen Hamel. Photos submitted

Main Street Artists Gallery will present new, vibrantly colorful abstract paintings and monotype prints of long-time member-artist Marc Ellen Hamel during September.

Titled “City Streets & Rural Walks,” this exhibit showcases the artist’smastery of color and composition in these two very different mediums: theintense bursts of color in her large canvases reflecting her impressions of rural landscapes contrast with the controlled, linear renderings of abstractedurban scenes depicted in her monotype prints.

Both styles are exciting tothe eye, engendering intuitive reactions: creating a mood for the viewer andfor the artist — representing a return to a moment in time.

Hamel’s involvement with art began in elementary school andcontinued through college where she received training at the University of Washington in Seattle. She also holds a degree in English from UC Berkeley.


For the past 30 years, she has worked with both oil painting and monotype printing which offers her the opportunity to experiment with the rich properties of both paint and ink.She brings autobiographical elements to her work, whether as a record of distinct memories of prior years or the preoccupations of her current life.

Her style brings an element of urban sophistication to the gallery, which serves as inspiration to its members.

The opening reception will take place Friday, Sept. 8, from 5 to 7 p.m., at the gallery located at 436 Main St. in Quincy. Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.

“Green Spaces,” a monotype by Marc Ellen Hamel.