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The view from this point at Haskins inlet would generally need to be made on a kayak or float of some sort. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Making it up to Bucks Lake

Mari Erin Roth

Special for Feather Publishing

[email protected]

The lake grass doubles as meadow grass where water generally covers. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

The sun is out and the snow is melting, all the way up to Bucks Lake. There was a patch about 30 feet long on both sides of the road just before Lakeshore from Quincy and a section about 20 feet just before Bucks Lake Lodge that covered both sides of the road but both are passable.

The water is low, low, low. The lake doesn’t begin until 15595 Bucks Lake Road and the earlier houses and cabins that usually are “lakeside” are currently “lake view.”

Rebecca Guereque up at Bucks Lake Lodge confirmed, “Yeah, it’s really down, they are working on both of them (lower Bucks and the lake proper).” Private docks are 20-30 feet above the water line it appears. “Even in at the peak of our driest drought in the past 13 years, never have I seen the lake this low,” said one local resident.

The doors are shuttered and the signs say closed on both Lakeshore Lodge and Bucks Lake Lodge. A bulldozer blocks the downhill road from Bucks Lake Lodge to the Marina; the dock is not open.

The ramp at Lakeshore was being tended to April 28, but kayakers were using it to launch. Staff reiterated that the dock remains closed.

“We are closed due to the coronavirus except for a few essential workers,” said Guereque. Bucks Lake Lodge owners are taking advantage of the down time to take on some very big cleanup projects. All campgrounds are not open according to Guereque and the gates are visibly closed.

Past Bucks Lake Lodge heading toward Oroville, a walk through the meadow toward Haskins Campground was absent of water where water generally is. The level looked to be off by at least 20 feet.

West side visitors to the lake area were headed off toward Oroville early evening, so the road to the west is open as well as to the east toward Quincy.

Some caution is still needed traveling Bucks Lake Road near the lake. There are sections where the south side of the road still has snow (so two-way travel in a single lane) and the patches with snow on both sides of the road deserve respect as they still provide slipping hazards.

All in all though, it looks like a great time to get out for a little solitude near the lake. There were two cars at the Mill Creek Trail and five vehicles parked at the Pacific Crest Trailhead, some with trailers. A few snowmobiles were spotted on the side roads … on dirt, waiting to be reloaded onto trailers and put away for the summer likely.

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