Man convicted of DUI after initially blaming wife

Dale Elmer Wolf, age 44, of Susanville, was convicted by a jury Feb. 4  of driving under the influence (DUI) and providing false information to a peace officer — both misdemeanors.

Wolf was arrested Aug. 20, 2021 after crashing his Jeep on Highway 70 near the Massack Rest Area. During the investigation, Wolf told law enforcement his wife had been driving during the collision – a story investigators later discovered to be false when Wolf’s wife was unable to reach the pedals of the vehicle and admitted to law enforcement that Wolf was the driver. In addition to his dangerous driving putting other motorists at risk, Wolf’s case was aggravated by the fact that in 2013, he suffered a prior DUI conviction in Trinity County.

Wolf was sentenced to five years’ summary probation, 60 days in the county jail, and other DUI-related terms.

The District Attorney David Hollister extended his appreciation to Deputy District Attorney Kelly Styger for her excellent work in preparing and prosecuting a difficult case, California Highway Patrol Officers Brad Logan and James Stowe for their efforts on the case as well as the jury for their patience, consideration, and service during the trial.


Hollister noted, “despite challenges presented by Covid, fires and the like, we continue our work towards a criminal justice system that is efficient and just. I continue to be impressed by the strong trial work of DDA Styger and this case was no exception. Plumas County is rightfully proud of her efforts and dedication to the safety of our community.”